Legal & Privacy


Legal and privacy

As being one of the leading corporations to provide cyber security services, we take care of your data responsibly.

This is the policy of the privacy about what we collect, share and save with us.

How and why we collect your information:

We collect a lot of your information from you for different purposes, which may include:

  • Access to your website and all other online services:

When you enter our website, we start collecting all the data. All your visits, your IP address, login information is all saved with us.

There are multiple reasons behind us doing that such as to improve our website and find out which pages are the most visited and demanded. We collect all the information like your address, etc. to use in the statistical equation and try to make your every visit even better next time. Your login information is also saved to provide you with the services when you log in to your account next time.

We also record all your preferences and the time duration of how much time you are spending on a single web page. This is all then used to make your visits special.

  • Collecting your information while contacting you

Whenever you try to contact us through our webpage for anything, there are multiple things that we will be recording them. These things may include your online address, your IP address, your username, email, phone number and a lot of other information.

This information is kept safe with us and is then used whenever needed by the officials to process it.

When you are making any complaints or placing any orders, there might be other, things that you will have to do and a lot of other forms that you will have to fill which will help us build a relationship with you. Without a good relationship, there is no mean of trading. You can contact us for any of our services, and we would be happy to help.

When you log in with us, you can keep the information secure, and this can be further again used to place an order or connect to us again. We might also require you to fill some forms for customer satisfaction, so we can know what we are doing right and what is wrong that needs to be corrected.

Types of data collection

When we collect information from you for any products or any services, we are doing it to form a better relationship, so we can cater our services to your requirements.

Information accuracy and privacy:

We keep all of your sensitive and your personal information guarded all the time. At the time you are entering and sending it all to us, it is encrypted all the time, and it is then directly sent to us.

Your rights:

As our client, you may request us to update your information any time and change the old data that we have stored. You can also ask us to remove our information if it does not fall under certain legislations and directives such as the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).